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Living in Stratford ON.  Born in Calgary, to Sudbury, to Burlington and finally Stratford for the formative years.  Graduated middle of my class.  If you ain't last,  you ain't last.  Chef, teacher, caterer to royalty (both pop and British), child of the 80's. Beside is a pic of me with the Pazzo brigade circa 2004. I trained at Stratford Chef School, where I also taught...TWICE!.  For 3 years, I worked through all the kitchen stations at Rundles (RIP in 2017) until I became sous chef for 4 years.  I moved on and had a minor stint at Down the Street Bar and Café (RIP) where it was a less than stellar fit and finally landed home at Pazzo in Stratford.  I stayed chef for 9 years before moving on to teaching at Stratford Northwestern Secondary School where I still warp young minds daily.  In the formative years I was a stagiere (chef version of intern) at Scaramouche and Palmerston (RIP) in Toronto.  I also spent a winter in NYC where I staged at The Sony Club (formerly of the Quilted Giraffe family) and the iconic American institution, Aureole.

I still am a gun for hire around town in the summers.  I figure I have lots of free time in the summers so why not share the love with my friends still in restaurants.   It is also important to always be service ready. 

I don't subscribe to any fad diets, trends or elimination eating-just moderation, lots of colourful veg and I try to choose food that is an ingredients as opposed to having ingredients.  Honesty and authenticity in food and life.

I have a son Oscar who graduated from Sport Management at Brock University.  I have a wife that has endured me for 27 years.  She works at SDSS in the office. My 2 dogs are Scout and Nell, they show up whenever food is being prepared at home.  I love golf, at which I am fairly competent and I also love hockey, which I am not.  Music is a big part of my life.  I play bass guitar and you can always sidetrack me by talking about music.  I have never lived in Surrey.

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